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Garlic Yogurt Sauce.  For those of you who would like to "step-up" the typical sour cream Pierogi topping, try a new twist that is healthier and makes any Pierogi mouth-watering...

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Sorry To Say Good Bye!

Due to increasing manufacturing costs, distribution fees, retailer demands, and more, we have decided to close our doors.  Thank you to all the wonderful customers who have enjoyed our pierogi over the last few years!  

Breaded Pan-Fried Pierogi Recipe

pan fried pierogi recipeIf you are looking for a pierogi recipe that tastes absolutely amazing and can be served as an appetizer, for dinner, or on any buffet table, check out this Breaded Pierogi Recipe. Tomek created this recipe as he was thinking about Krokiety (Polish croquettes).  You can call these Krokiety Pierogi!

Why Polish Food & Pierogi are Capturing American Palates

Polish cuisine signDue to American's growing interest in Polish cuisine, Gourmet News, a business newspaper for the gourmet industry, interviewed Tomasz Piszczek, the founder of Polska Foods, and wrote an interesting article about how and why Polish food is transforming in America and abroad, and why people want to buy pierogi with a new twist.

Pierogi Souffle Recipe

Pierogi recipeIf you are looking for an easy Polish pierogi recipe that tastes absolutely amazing and can be served for brunch, dinner, or on any  buffet table, check out this Pierogi Souffle Recipe.

Facts & History About Pierogi

Pierogi Facts & Pierogi HistoryDid you know that Pierogi have been around since the 13th century? Today it's Poland's National Dish and 30,000 were eaten at the last festival in Kraków. Click to learn about some fun pierogi facts and pierogi history!

Polish Pierogi Salmon Skillet Recipe

Salmon pierogi recipeLearn how to make Polish Pierogi & Salmon on a skillet with capers, onions, lemon, and garlic.  This is a quick easy pierogi meal that you can top with sour cream and dill for a delicious feast!

Organic, Healthy Pierogi Debuts at Safeway from Polska Foods®

Organic Pierogi Now at Safeway, Dominicks, VONS, GenuardisPierogi lovers can now savor the flavors of Polish comfort food at Safeway stores including their chains Dominick’s Finer Foods (Illinois) and Vons Food and Drug (Southern California). On the East Coast, customers can find Polska Foods’ pierogi products in the Genuardi’s and Safeway locations (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C.)

Polska Foods Announces New Flavor: Savory Beef & Pork Pierogi

beef pierogiNew pierogi flavor!  Foodies can now enjoy tender beef round sautéed with sweet caramelized onions, meaty crimini mushrooms, earthy roasted garlic, peppers, and smoky paprika in a delicate organic pierogi shell.  Our all-natural Beef & Pork Pierogi is made with tender beef round and pork from animals that are raised on a vegetarian diet and never given antibiotics, growth enhancers, or animal by-products.

Best Pierogi Appetizer -- Bacon Wrapped Pierogi

Bacon wrapped perogiTo utterly spoil your guests with something that will just melt in their mouth, try this Bacon Wrapped Pierogi recipe!  It is super easy to prepare and can be made in advance so that you just pop it in the oven right before your guests arrive.  All Pierogi flavors work well with this one, but for a party, you may want to use the Potato Cheese Pierogi to satisfy all taste preferences.  

Pierogi Casserole Recipe with Bacon & Tomato

Pierogi Casserole

Latest Polish Pierogi Recipe!  This is a modified version of Cooking Light's Bacon Pierogi Bake.  This Pierogi Casserole Dish has less cream cheese and mushrooms added.  We also added more tomatoes and found if you slices them over the peirogi and add them to the oven, they cook nicely--kind of like tomatoes on pizza.  Some may opt for sprinkled chili pepper on top before baking too.  This is a quick dish you can serve to the entire family for everyone to enjoy.