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Garlic Yogurt Sauce.  For those of you who would like to "step-up" the typical sour cream Pierogi topping, try a new twist that is healthier and makes any Pierogi mouth-watering...

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How To Serve Pierogi ~ Top Pierogi Recipe

How To Serve PierogiMany people ask us how to serve pierogi -- for either a small dinner party or for a major event.   There are countless options, it all depends if you are serving a pierogi appetizer, a pierogi side dish, or making pierogi your main meal.  But, if you had to just pick one pierogi recipe that works for almost any occassion, we decided to pick the following as a simple, no fail pierogi dish.  

Polish Apple Cake Recipe (Jakblecznik)

Polish Apple Cake Recipe called JakblecznikEveryone loves apple pie. Likewise, you will love this melt-in-your-mouth Polish Apple Cake recipe called Jakblecznik. It is moist and not too sweet--made with fresh apples!  We found this recipe from our friend Bogusia who brought it to a recent Polish party.

Polish Poppy Seed Cake (Makowiec)

Polish Poppy seed cake recipe MakowiecPolish Poppyseed Cake is one of the top desserts known in Poland.  If you love poppy seeds, you must try this Poppy Seed Cake recipe from our friend Bogusia.  It is moist, flavorful, and just sweet enough -- you can't eat just one piece of cake.

Bay Area Polish Festival in Belmont, CA

Polish Heritage Festival BelmontFeast on our Pierogi at the Polish Heritage Festival in Belmont, CA!  Check out the first annual Polish Festival taking place at the beautiful Twin Pines Park in Belmont, CA. The event is featuring a lively New Orleans jazz band from Poznan, Poland called The Dixie Company, colorful and dynamic performances by the Polish Folk Dance Ensemble "Lowiczanie", and delicious home made Polish food and drink including our organic Polish Pierogi.  Don't miss out!

Polish Beef Roll-ups Recipe (Zrazy)

Polish Beef Roll ups RecipeOur list of top Polish Recipes would not be complete without Polish Beef Rolls, also known as "Zrazy," especially since this dish has been served in Poland since the 17th century!  This takes a little time and love, but is perfect to make for a cold winter night and serve with pierogi.

The Wigilia Meal: Top Polish Christmas Recipes

Polish Christmas mealSince eating pierogi is such a tradition during the Christmas holidays, find a few ways to serve pierogi at any dinner party or event. Or, you may decide to do a traditional Polish Christmas with the full Wigilia Feast. Here, no meat is served as a way to remember that one must always give something up in the goal of gaining.  Check out a sample Polish Wigilia meal with recipes too! 

The Best Polish Bigos Recipe

Bigos Recipes--Polish Hunter's StewOur list of 60+ Polish Recipes would not be complete without bigos, also known as "Hunter's Stew."  It is actually a national Polish dish!  This is the BEST bigos recipe you will ever find.  Made with smoked sausage, sauerkraut, mushrooms, and caramelized onions.

Polish Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Polish Pumpkin Soup RecipePumpkin soup is hearty and the perfect dish for any holiday, such as Thanksgiving!  Even though Pumpkin came from the Americas to Europe, Poles still have their own version of pumpkin soup that is enjoyed today in Poland. The biggest difference in American pumpkin soup versions is that it is not nearly as sweet but more savory (and probably healthier).

Buy Pierogi Online ~ Organic, Authentic Polish Pierogi

Buy Pierogi Online! Buy Pierogi OnlineIf you haven't heard, we are finally able to give our customers a chance to savor our award-winning, organic pierogi by allowing anyone in the continental United States to buy our pierogi online, including Hawaii and Alaska!

How We Make Organic, Authentic Polish Pierogi

Are all pierogies the same?  It turns out there is a huge difference between the Pierogi made in Poland and what you can find here in the States.  It is even more difficult to find healthy, home-style Polish Pierogi, especially on the West Coast!  As most of you know who have made your own Pierogi at home, making these delicate Polish dumplings is an incredible amount of work.