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Polish Pierogi Salmon Skillet Recipe

Salmon pierogi recipeLearn how to make Polish Pierogi & Salmon on a skillet with capers, onions, lemon, and garlic.  This is a quick easy pierogi meal that you can top with sour cream and dill for a delicious feast!

Polish Honey Spice Cookies (Pierniczki)

Polish Honey Spice Cookies (Pierniczki)These delectable Polish spiced honey cookies are traditionally made at Christmas, but you can enjoy them any time of year.  The more traditional Polish cookie recipes use only a cup of honey, no sugar, and are not nearly as sweet.  We added just 1/2 cup of sugar, but you can add a whole cup if you like them very sweet, or add more honey.



Polish Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy

Polish Mashed Potatoes recipeEveryone loves mashed potatoes, but have you ever tried them Polish style with an incredible mushroom gravy on top?  You could even enjoy the mushroom gravy by itself, but add some steaming potatoes to it and you have yourself a hit at any dinner table.  We even enjoy this for our Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner! 

Polish Plum Cake Recipe II (Placek ze Sliwkami)

Polish plum cakeWe love Polish Plum Cake, in fact we even planted our own plum tree to easily make plum cake!  In fact, I have two recipes for this plum cake dessert.  The first one was a more german variety and this latest plum cake recipe was found while we were visiting family in Poland, made by Tomek's mom.

Polish Dill Pickle Soup Recipe

Sour Pickle Soup recipeLearn to make Polish sour pickle soup. This sour cucumber soup tastes best when you use your own homemade sour pickles, but good sour dill pickles from a jar are fine too--just don't use the sweet variety. 

Polska Foods® Pierogi Sponsors 23rd Annual Konocti Challenge Cycling Event

Organic & Vegan PierogiHosted by Lakeport Rotary Club in partnership with Polska Foods®, an organic pierogi manufacturing company, the 23rd annual Konocti Challenge will take place again on October 5th, 2013 around beautiful Clear Lake, California’s largest natural lake in Lake County.  Riders can ride 40, 65, or 100 miles and then sit down to enjoy the Bay Area’s best local pierogi from Polska Foods.

Polish Beef Goulash Recipe ~ Polish Food Recipes

Polish Beef GoulashIf you like Hungarian goulash, you may like to try this Polish Goulash recipe with the addition of mushrooms, bell peppers, and lots of fresh herbs.  You can serve with any egg noodle, or with a side of pierogi and a Polish salad.  Makes a lot and can last for several days.

Organic, Healthy Pierogi Debuts at Safeway from Polska Foods®

Organic Pierogi Now at Safeway, Dominicks, VONS, GenuardisPierogi lovers can now savor the flavors of Polish comfort food at Safeway stores including their chains Dominick’s Finer Foods (Illinois) and Vons Food and Drug (Southern California). On the East Coast, customers can find Polska Foods’ pierogi products in the Genuardi’s and Safeway locations (Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C.)

How to Pickle Cucumbers ~ Polish Sour Pickles Recipe

How to Make PIcklesSo many customers ask us how to make sour pickles, Polish style.  Fermenting cucumbers is actually fairly easy, much easier than making pierogi!  Another benefit to learning how to make sour cucumbers is that when you pickle cucumbers yourself, you get all natural probiotics that are ruined when they pasteurize the bottled pickles found at most stores.  And, you can save quite a bit of money!  

Polish Tomato Salad Recipe

Tomato Salad RecipeIf you have lots of tomatoes and want a simple recipe, check out this Polish Tomato Salad recipe.  This is a simple recipe Tomek made since he had lots of fresh green onions and tomatoes from the farmers market.  Enjoy over toasted bread, with crackers, or over a bed of lettuce.