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Sautéed Wild Mushrooms Recipe (Duszone grzby)

Polish Sauteed Wild Mushrooms RecipeEnjoy this Polish Sauteed Wild Mushrooms recipe.  You can use it as a side dish or as a topping for any meat.  They go great with Pierogi too since they have a earthy, creamy flavor that is perfect accompaniment to Potato Cheese Pierogi.

Polish Roasted Pork Lion with Prunes Recipe

Polish Pork Loin RecipeI am always looking for new healthy dinner ideas, especially something healthy to eat with pierogi.  Since pork loin is a very lean meat, I enjoy this roasted marinated pork fillet stuffed with prunes.  It is a healthy Polish food recipe and goes well with a side of pierogi.

Polish Apple & Leek Salad Recipe (Salatka z jablek i porow)

Polish Apple Leek Salad RecipeFresh and tangy, this simple Polish salad recipe of sliced leeks and apples with a lemon and honey dressing is perfect any time of year, especially when apples are in season!  Make sure to find slim young leeks and tart, crisp apples (even better if you grab them at your local farmer's market).   

Polish Beet Root Salad (Salatka z Burakow)

Beet Salad RecipeEnjoy this Polish Beet Root Salad recipe.  This is a warm beet salad recipe, offering the perfect blend of sweet and sour flavors to satisfy your taste buds and nourishing your body!  This simple recipe can be enjoyed year round.

Cauliflower Soup Recipe (Zupa Kalafiorowa)

Polish Cauliflower Soup RecipeCauliflower Soup!  This is a healthy Polish soup recipe that goes with anything.  Some people will add noodles or polish dumplings to this cauliflower soup recipe to add the right texture.  I also tried this without any dairy and it was a very good vegan soup.

Pierogi Recipe With Garlicky Green Beans

Pierogi with Green Beans RecipeEveryone loves green beans, but this green bean recipe with garlic and pierogi makes it into a meal the whole family will enjoy.  We cook the green beans crisp-tender so they retain their vivid green color and we use low-fat turkey bacon to reduce the fat. 

Celery Root Salad Recipe

Polish Celery Root Salad RecipeIf you want a step up from the same old coleslaw, you must try this Polish Celery Root Salad Recipe (Salatka z Selera).  Shredded celery root has a mild sweet flavor and is perfect raw, no need to blanch.  The shredded celery root is tossed with a mustardy dressing to make mild, versatile fall or winter salad.  

Vegetable Barley Soup Recipe (Krupnik Polski)

Polish Barley Soup KrupnikThis is a classic Polish soup recipe that has a hearty mushroom flavor along with the subtle bite of barley.  You can add more wild mushrooms to increase the flavor, or cream for added richness.  Soup is usually a starter in Poland, perfect for a cold winter night, and can be a nice side dish for any pierogi.

Polish Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage Recipe

Polish Red CabbageThis Polish Red Cabbage recipe is great for a holiday dinner and since it serves a lot, it is even better the next few days.  I added apples, raisins, and a mix of apple cide vinegar with balsamic vinegar.  Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage goes really well with any meat, but it is popular to fix with ham or sausage.  

Buckwheat Groats Recipe (Kasza Gryczana)

Buckwheat dish recipeBuckwheat Groats (Kasza Gryczana) or sometimes seen as "Buckwheat Kasha" is a very popular Polish dish, in fact most buckwheat is produced in Poland and Russia.  You can use a simple buckwheat recipe by just cooking it like rice, or make an elaborate Buckwheat dish with onions, mushrooms, and cheese.   I provided several options in this buckwheat recipe.