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Mushroom Soup Recipe (Zupa Pieczarkowa)

Soup_For_PierogiI found so many Polish Mushroom soups that it was hard to pick one that looked the best.  I finally settled on a combination of several recipes and tested them on my husband, Tomek.  He really liked this one, so if I can make one Polish guy feel the comfort of home, then I assume this fresh mushroom soup recipe must be good!  Soup is one of my favorite side dishes for pierogi, and the Cabbage Mushroom vegan pierogi works quite well with this mushroom soup recipe.

Artichokes in Wine Recipe

artichokes_with-pierogiEnjoy this quick artichokes in wine recipe (Karczochy w Winie).   It is good to find freshly picked artichokes with green stems and leaves, not brown.  The key is to make sure the artichokes are well done, they should not be hard when you eat them.  You can serve this as any side pierogi dish or even eat as a snack.  And, why not enjoy artichokes Polish style?

Poached Fish With White Dill Sauce

is is a fabulous Polish fish dish that was traditionally made with Haddock, which is very common in Poland, but you could substitute Haddock for any white fish.  The white sauce over it just makes the dish, so it is worth the extra step.  You could truly impress many guests with this dish!



Pierogi Recipe With Ground Buffalo & Garlic

Shannon's Pierogi RecipeThis is Shannon Gibbs' Pierogi recipe using delicate Potato Cheese pierogi with ground buffalo!  It is super easy to make and great for any occassion. 

Pierogi Recipe With Fresh Roasted Tomatoes

Pierogi with roasted tomato toppingPierogi recipe using delicate Spinach & Cheese pierogi!  It is super easy to make and a great summer dish--especially with fresh tomatoes from your garden.  Enjoy this pierogi with fresh tomatoes, giving it a nice Italian twist!

Polish Cauliflower Gratinee Recipe

Polish Cauliflower RecipeI served this Cauliflower Gratinee (Gratin) Recipe at a dinner party with a side salad and Potato Cheese Pierogi, and it was a great hit!   Also, you can sprinkle bread crumbs on top of the cauliflower with the cheese to give it more texture if you like.  Adjust the spice and garlic to your taste, and you have an easy baked cauliflower dish that all will enjoy!

Polish Cheesecake Recipe, Sernik

Polish cheesecake (Sernik)I am not a dessert person, but this Polish Cheesecake recipe is so light and fluffy, my family couldn't resist devouring the entire cake in one day.  The toppings are endless, any fruit works great to keep it on the healthier side.  It is so light, I would almost call it a Cheesecake Souffle!  Yum!

Polish Breaded Pork Cutlet Recipe (Kotlety Schabowy)

Healthy Polish Pork CutletNo need to suffer through trying to eat another dry pork chop!  Try this Polish Pork Cutlet (Kotlet Schabowy) recipe and enjoy the moist flavor of boneless, center-cut pork chops.  In this recipe, we show you how to even make it healthy!

Healthy Baked Cod with Pierogi Recipe

Cod with Pierogi DinnerHealthy Baked Cod Recipe With Tomato, Zucchini, and Peppers

The Polish love a variety of fish dishes, especially on Christmas Eve.  This baked cod recipe is a healthy alternative to fried fish and offers a tad of spices to give it a Mediterranean kick.  Baked cod is excellent with some Pierogi on the side!  Add a side vegetable and you have a great meal for a casual dinner party.

Red Cabbage Salad Recipe

Check out this Polish Red Cabbage Salad recipe with orange slices, leek, and pecans.  Packed with flavor and nutrients, this red cabbage salad offers a nice blend of crunchy texture with a subtle twist of sweet and sour flavors--perfect for a hot summer afternoon!  You can make it in advance and munch on it for several days too, giving you a healthy, convenient snack!  Join our free newsletter to get these recipes delivered to your mailbox.