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Serve Pierogi at Your Next Event

Are you throwing a party and need a tasty addition to your meal?  Try Pierogi!  They can be boiled as a main dish, stir-fried with sausage, lightly sauteed as an appetizer, and much more.  Simply call ahead for a large order and we can give you cooking and serving suggestions, plus put your order in advance to make sure you have what you need.  

Pierogi can be an elegant dish at a wedding, or a tasty appretizer at a BBQ

One thing nice about serving Pierogi at parties is that it such a versatile dish, it goes with many types of foods, and is loved by a wide variety of people.  Children love the simple ingredients, elderly enjoy that it is easy to eat, and the rest simply like the taste!  

Full Catering: If you want a fully catered event, we have partnered with Bay Area's Old World Food Truck for catering local events!  Experienced in both corporate and private catering; they offer a variety of options to fit your occasion and budget.  Book the truck and make a fun impression with off the truck service.  Thier unique and contemporary take on Eastern European and Jewish cuisine features traditional recipes adjusted to highlight local and seasonal flavors.  It should be appreciated by those just discovering these dishes, as well those familiar.  Contact Kenny directly for pricing and schedule on his website.

  • Make pierogi elegant at a wedding with just caramelized onions
  • Serve at dinner event as a crispy appetizer
  • Popular at any family event -- loved by all ages
  • Perfect side dish for a BBQ party with a smoky dipping sauce

Don't take our word for it, let's hear it from our customers:

"Thanks for supplying the your Pierogi for our wedding event.  They were great and the client was extremely happy."

Fabien C. Biraud 
Executive Sous-Chef 
The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay 

"Your pierogi's were a big hit.  Thank you once again for helping make our Super Bowl open house so much fun."

Bob Guenley
Redwood City, CA


"The pierogies went over extremely well!  My husband said they were just like the ones he got at home.  Everyone said they were very tasty.  I passed the first batch on a plate in the living room, and they were gone before the plate made it to the other side of the room!  One of the women there said she really liked the fresh herb taste.  I made sure to tell everyone who you guys are....Thanks again so much for the delicious pierogies!  They really helped make our Superbowl party a great event, and the former Pittsburghers had at least something to cheer about (their team lost, but at least they had pierogies!)."

Jennifer Mitchell
San Jose, CA