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Articles & News About Polska Foods' Pierogi

Why buy our pierogi?  Check out what food editors are saying about us:

"These were very different than the dense, boxed pierogies that I usually buy… the ones I’ve been buying have been more like potato filled ravioli than the real deal. The Polska Foods’ Pierogi is from a Polish family recipe and is much more representative of the ones that my Polish relatives make."  Mother Nature Network, Dec. 2013

“They taste awwwwe-mazing." Vegan Miam, March 2014

"Polska Foods offers a traditional Polish-style vegan pierogi with a scrumptious combination of sauerkraut, cabbage, mushrooms, and caramelized onions...they are very flavorful and don’t need sauce or salt added!”  Vegetarian Journal, Jan. 2014

“Best for me is that these aren't some reinvented, hipster riffs on Polish dumplings but rather good old recipes from Poland just using better ingredients than my grim grandmother used.”  Chicago Cheap Eats Examiner

“I’d never really had a good pierogi before, and these are incredible. They taste so great! There’s absolutely no competition out there. It was the perfect thing to bring to market,”  Silicon Valley Papers

They use all the best ingredients and don’t use any of those weird icky preservatives or anything! ...I hope you open yourself to the world of vegan pierogis because they’re great."  Vegetarian, March 2014

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Polish Pierogi in the Bay Area

Fast & Healthy: Popular Polish Food Gets An Organic Makeover

By: Marianne Hamilton

"Healthy fast foods?  Gourmet Polish foods? Until recently, both phrases might at least have elicited chuckles, if not downright disbelief. But thanks to Tomek and Bridget Piszczek, families across the country could soon be sitting down to a meal that’s nutritious as well as delicious and can be whipped up in less than 20 minutes. What’s more, the menu will owe its flavors to those first popularized in Poland, circa 1494..."

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Polska Foods Pierogi News

Polska Pierogi:  Local couple has brought a Polish delicacy to the Bay Area

(This is the same article about organic Polish pierogi as above, just syndicated in more local papers:  The Campbell Reporter, Los Gatos Weekly Times, and The Saratoga News.)   

Click here for Saratoga News Article on Pierogi



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