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List of Top Polish Recipes

Want to know what to eat with your pierogi?  Below you will find the best Polish Recipes from families around the world.  The recipes range from traditional Polish cuisine to our California "fusion" Polish recipes.  We have tried, tasted, and modified each Polish recipe below before we post anything to this site.  

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60+ Top Polish Recipes

Polish Salad Recipes

Tired of the same old green lettuce salad?  These Polish salad recipes are light and crisp and go great with most dishes any time of year, especially as a nice side dish for pierogi!   Some take a little longer to prepare, but they are extremely healthy and can last several days in the fridge.
Polish Recipes

Pierogi Recipes

Pierogi Recipes: Poland's greatest culinary delight!  Due to popular demand, we came up with a variety of meals that go well with pierogi. Of all Polish foods, none are more versatile than pierogies and can be served as a main meal, side dish, snack, breakfast item, or even dessert.  Check out more ideas on our "100 Ways To Eat Pierogi" page. 
Polish Pierogi Recipes

Polish Side Dish Recipes

These are classic Polish side dish recipes, and some, such as the the Buckwheat Kasha Recipe (Kasza gryczana), are made from ingredients used in central Poland since the Middle Ages. We included mainly side veggie dishes for healthy dinner ideas, most of which are eaten throughout the year in Poland as an accompaniment to hot or cold main courses.   


Polish Soup Recipes

Heart-warming and nourishing, Polish soup is an important part of Polish cuisine.  The Polish soup recipes listed here can be made as a thin, tasty appetizer before a meal, but most of them I have added ingredients to make them a sustaining meal. For Borscht, you can add boiled pierogi on top for a tasty twist!
Polish Soup Recipes

Polish Meat & Fish Recipes

Poland has an abundance of lakes and rivers, so they typically eat more fresh water fish such as pike and carp, but you can substitute the fish for other varieties if these are harder to find.   Meat, despite its high price in Poland, is also a staple of the Polish diet.  They eat a variety of meats and it is cooked in all sorts of ways from pan fried cutlets to marinated roasts with herbs, to stews that are reheated several times in order to intensify the flavors. 



Nalesniki, Polish Crepes Recipes

Everyone loves crepes, including the Poles!  Called Nalesniki, these delicate crepes can be made with a variety of sweet and savory fillings.  The options are endless.  Nalesniki can be topped with different jams, fruit, farmer's cheese, or any combination of the three. Nalesniki can also be made with your favorite meat or veggies and topped with a cream sauce.

Polish Dessert Recipes

Polish desserts are some of the best in the world.  Many are based on fruit, so they offer a light sweet taste but are not too filling.  Here we have listed our favorite, Polish Cheesecake, which is light and fluffy and perfect with any fruit topping.


Our list of Polish Recipes is constantly building.  If you don't want to miss out, sign up for our free newsletter and get the latest recipes delivered to your inbox!

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